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Atlantic South Iberia

Portugal and Spain south facing coasts, from Sagres to Gibraltar (Algarve and W Andalucia)

South Portugal & Spain (W of Gibraltar)

Once east of Cap St Vincent (the SW corner of  Portugal), you're in the Algarve. There's a marked change to a sunny climate. Good communications and mild winters make this a popular region for ex-pats, winter layup or live-aboard.

Otherwise, this is a 190nm coast of transit to Gibraltar, with two interesting rivers for a diversion. There are a few delightful anchorages among sand dunes, some other-worldly villages, and plenty of marinas. It's easy to transit the coast just visiting Lagos and Cadiz, but much more fun to allow plenty of time exploring rivers and inlets. A strong Levanter (easterly) may force a day or three's wait before entering the Gibraltar straits.

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