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Paperwork Preparation for Cruising in Small Boats

This is just a holding page for the more detailed subjects listed below, reached through the right hand menu. Variations from these rules for some countries, and general matters affecting all EU or Schengen countries can be found on our European Organisations & Country Regulations pages.

  • Documentation. For trouble free cruising, carry the right documents for yourself and the boat. And consider VAT issues.
  • Time abroad. Being away from home for more than 90 days, or continously in another country for 90 days, or in another country for more than 182 days in 365, or beyond your visa stamped date, has surprising implications, including fines. Keeping your car or boat more than 180 days in another EU country may also have to be notified.
  • Leaving the House. Not a teen age Odyssey, but check lists for UK residents to think about if they're planning to spend more than 2 weeks away from home. It Includes notes on insurance, money management and more.
  • Flag Etiquette. So, which flags to fly and when . . .

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