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Cyprus has a mild winter climate, and is a year round holiday destination. It's well Anglicised, and a favoured wintering base for yachts, ashore or afloat. However, it's politically divided, with two large UK military bases in the south, and relatively few ports and marinas - so cruising is limited. It's more a staging post en route to  the Levant or Suez - should these destinations become more popular. 

The Politics. Cyprus has two parts - the Republic of Cyprus (in the EU), and the Turkish administered territory of North Cyprus (recognised only by Turkey). One effect is that entry by boat from North Cyprus to South is not permitted, while there is no hindrance to travelling from south to north. Another is an abandoned new international airport at Nicosia.

The Weather

The climate is noticeably warmer than in Greece or Turkey. Summers suffer more heat and humidity, while winters are milder. Summer is usually westerly winds, reinforced along the south coast by sea breeze effect to give strong afternoon westerlies, with lighter winds along the north coast. Autumn sailing is particularly pleasant.Cyprus map

Cyprus Harbours

South Cyprus

You are in the EU. It's best to visit South Cyprus first, leaving the north as a later possibility. However, be prepared to be turned away form ports if you haven't booked ahead. Going east to west:

Larnaca is a commercial port, with a good marina marina just south of the port. It's popular for wintering afloat or ashore, and a jumping off spot for those travelling to and from the Red Sea. Good yacht services and provisions. Uninsipring architecture, but the local airport makes this an easy holiday destination, and the town has its fair share of "pubs" and restaurants to serve the holiday trade.

Limassol. A major commercial port and port of entry, with a large but expensive marina . The older St Raphael marina, is allied to a resort, rather isolated from town some 6nm NE, but reported as good value for money, with room for visitors and long term berths. Fish farms nearby.

Paphos is a port of entry, and a busy package holiday destination. Many ex patriots have bought houses here.  Well sheltered from normal summer winds, this is the favoured arrival and departure point for yachts from Greece  or Turkey.

Latsi is a busy and attractive small fishing town and harbour, with pontoons for visitors and a hard. 

North Cyprus

Or "Turkish Republic of North Cyprus" - TRNC. You are in no-man's land as far as everybody except Turkey is concerned. A shame, because the north coast has a number of neat little day anchorages, superb mountain backdrops, generally lighter winds. Outside Schengen and the EU, it's a useful spot for for non-EU crews and boats to spend time in.

Kyrenia (Girne) is a gem of a place, replete with old buildings and castle walls. The ruins of Abbey Bellapais above town offer splendid views and evening concerts. Leisure craft may be able to squash into the well sheltered old harbour on the town quay, and a few people have wintered here. 1km east of the old harbour in the commercial harbour, with pontoons, a hard and a 4.8m wide travel lift and slipway. Wintering ashore is possible. Wash from ferry boats creates some surge

Famagusta (Gazi Magusa) is a port of entry and has a fine castle and old city within, but rather limited yacht facilities.

Karpaz Bay marina  The marina has a travel lift, and a small food store. The marina is a long distance by road from the nearest town.


  • Attractions:Kyrenia & Bellapais, Famagusta castle, and this is a good staging post between Suez and Turkey, plus mild climate wintering
  • Snags: not enough room; inability to enter south from north.
  • Ports of Entry. See red blobs on chart
  • Layup or Wintering. Live aboard or shore hard: Larnaca, Limassol, Kyrenia (Girne), Karpaz Gate,
  • Transport. Seasonal flights UK/Paphos, UK/Larnaca.
  • Boat Charter. None


Updated May 2018


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