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East and South Med (Cyprus, Black Sea, Levant and Africa)

The African and Asian coasts, south of Turkey, are coasts of passage, worth visiting for access to superb relics of early civilisations. Expect tight control of yacht movements in these regions. Tunisia is an exception; tourist friendly, it is a satisfactory cruising ground, and in the south, a warm and sunny wintering spot. Risks created by the "Arab Spring" should be checked with  UK Foreign Office Travel Advice for each country before visiting for up to date information.

Mediterranean - Features Common to all Regions


Cyprus offers only limited cruising, but with a mild winter climate, is a good and economic wintering destination for live-aboards. The political split between north and south limits your cruising options.

The Black Sea

has a continental climate, markedly different from the Mediterranean, with harsh winters and humid summers. It is the last stage of a transit route from West Europe, down the Danube to the Mediterranean.

The Levant and Africa Coasts

The Levant (eastern coasts of the Med)  and African Coasts (southern coasts of the Med) lead to some superb remnants of old civilisations. When political conditions are stable, these are well worth a visit.  But territorial waters (<12nm) may only be navigated with permission, with port to port traffic tightly controlled.

Exceptions are: Morocco and Tunisia , which both take a more friendly approach to cruising boats. Their warm winter climates offer some good and economical wintering options. Both countries have cheap fuelling opportunities.

Cruise Area: 

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