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Israel (Draft)

Managing Life Aboard

Time zone
Dial codes
Mobile network standards
Broadband availability
ATM availability
Bank hours
Immigration issues

Boating regulations, limitations

Israel Entry Procedure.  Before entering Israel as an individual the Israeli Navy require the Boat's Captain or Agent to supply detailed information. This must be faxed to the Israeli Navy before entering Israeli waters. If you have arranged a berth the marina may be willing to forward this info on your behalf . Don't arrive during the Sabbath (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset) or on Jewish holidays; there will be no marina staff available. Arrive in daylight. All vessels are treated as suspect until details previously faxed have all been confirmed.

Entry routine is:

  1. 25 Miles off the Israel coast contact either Haifa Radio or Israel Navy on Ch 16 (note large vessels must call from 100miles offshore)
  2. State your position and ETA at destination. An Israeli Navy vessel will then meet you, speak on Ch 16 to change to a working channel. The boat will stay close by, and often have aimed weapons. Keep your course and speed.
  3. Crew will be called on deck for inspection by binoculars
  4. You will be asked all the questions previously faxed. Have a copy in hand.
  5. Once answered satisfactorily, you'll be welcomed to Israel by loudspeaker.


Questions Asked October 2009

  1. Ships name ………….
  2. Previous name if name has been changed…..
  3. Call sign…..
  4. Flag and port of registration
  5. Registration Number
  6. MMSI Number
  7. Satellite telephone number
  8. Mobile phone number
  9. Year of Build
  10. Gross tonnage
  11. Type of Vessel and cargo
  12. Number of crew
  13. Number of passengers
  14. Name and contact detail of agent
  15. Does boat have a ships security certificate
  16. Level of security
  17. Are any weapons/firearms carried
  18. Last and previous ports with date and time of arrival/departure
  19. Destination
  20. Position,course and speed
  21. ETA(UTC)
  22. Crew Information and position (Captain/Owner/etc)
  1.         Name………..
  2.         Nationality….
  3.         Place of residence
  4.         Date of Birth
  5.         Sex
  6.         Passport Number

23.  Does boat Have AIS

Culture Matters

Working hours
Shopping hours
National holidays (shut-down periods)
Languages in common use
Links to glossaries (if needed)
Any surprises in store?

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