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Arrival and Departure

The law requires all vessels arriving from non-EU countries (Montenegro, Albania and north African countries) to report to customs, immigration and Port Captain on arrival. Customs and immigration are available in ports of entry. Arrivals from Croatia (EU, but non-Schengen) will need to fill in a Schengen entry crew list. Non EU Crews without permission to reside in the EU must have Schengen entry stamps in their passports - or risk being treated as illegal immigrants.   

Third Party Insurance

Third party insurance is compulsory in Italian waters. If you don't hold suitable insurance, you will be made to buy it locally before being allowed to leave port. Please see This Noonsite Page for the requirements

Anchoring Restrictions

As in some other Mediterranean countries (Spain, Greece, Portugal), anchoring restrictions apply to protect swimmers and ensure traffic flows freely into and out of harbours. The restrictions vary from place to place. Usually you will be politely reminded to "move your boat". Rarely, vessels have been moved in the absence of owners (Porto Ferraio, Elba) with charges made for the service. Rarely, fines have been levied for anchoring too close to busy beaches. Never allow your boat inside a line of buoys.

  • Anchoring within 200m to 500m of a swimming area (distance varies locally; some localities mark the  limit with buoys) is not permitted between 08:30 and sunset.
  • When anchored off a swimming area, you may not use a mechanically propelled tender to go ashore unless there is a marked (buoyed) access corridor. Within the corridor, the maximum permitted speed is 3kts
  • Check with local officials before leaving your boat at anchor near a port.

Annual Berthing Tax - for Italian Citizens Only

An annual berthing tax is applied to Italian citizens who possess a vessel, regardless of where it is used, whatever its registration. Foreign citizens who own a vessel used in Italy are exempt from this tax, regardless of their length of stay in Italian waters.

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