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"Creating an Account"

This is a rigmarole to check you're not a spammer (thousands try!) and permits us to plant a "cookie" on your computer. The cookie is a tiny file which helps us to:

  • Automate your log-in
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And that's all we use them for. When you create an account, you're giving us permission to do this.

Click "create new account"  and complete the form. To filter out automatic spammers,  there's a CAPTCHA code to be completed. And we filter human spammers by cancelling accounts which have unrealistic names and coded email addresses. Your data remains confidential, visible only to the site administrator.

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Logging In

Once logged in, you can:

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No email reply?

Two common reasons:

  • I'm asleep, or out of touch. Gimme 24 ours!
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  • If those don't work, use this "contact"  link, to tell us the problem

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Forgotten User Name?

That's a pain. We recommend you use a variation of your real name - makes hunting you down more easy! If you have persistent difficulties, email us using "contact" link, or the link at the bottom of this page, telling us your user name and email address. We'll sort it out..

Now Post Something!

At an early stage, we recommend you post something, either a comment to a page, or in "Forum", just to give yourself confidence in using our "comments" system.

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