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N Africa

Mediterranean Morocco

The Moroccan coast is largely steep to. Ports are conveniently spaced, making day sailing along the coast feasible. Two ports, Melilla and Ceuta, are Spanish enclaves, connected by regular ferries with Spain. Boats must book in and book out of Moroccan harbours for every passage. To anchor between ports, permission must be obtained beforehand, though there are not many suitable anchorages.

Winds are predominantly westerly in winter, and NE sea breezes in summer.


Tunisia is a compact, tourist adapted country, about 250 x120nm, with about 10 million population. There's a coastline of more than 600nm to explore, with never more than 50nm between destinations, and adequate provision for visiting yachts. There's lots to see. Picturesque old walled cities and their medinas alternate with sandy beaches along the coast, and there are fascinating ancient cultural sites inland. The "Arab Spring" started here.

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