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JimBsail Winter News


Discount Pilot Books and Charts

The whole Imray Catalogue is available from the site, with 10% off for most books, including popular pilot books. Buying through us helps finance the site . . . spread the news, please . . . "google 'jimb' "

Site Changes

  • Coverage now extends from Calais to Gibraltar, as well as the Mediterranean.  S England is currently being added, with the rest of UK to follow this year.
  • Links to marina web sites are being added throughout for quick access to contact details and prices
  • A Navionics Chart pop-up has been added so you can inspect the coast line while reading about each area - but you'll need to scroll and zoom to get there!

If you have more ideas for site development, please  let me know. And, most important, please spread the news about the site to anyone who may find it useful. Google for "jimbsail" is the easiest way to find it

Lay-up Sites

Where are you laid up? Let our other readers know about your wintering location, its pluses and minuses. Do this by adding a comment to the relevant page. I'll edit the stuff in later.

Regulation Changes

Our site remains a step ahead of most others when it comes to keeping up to date with regulation changes in Europe. That's largely due to help I get from charter companies, and one or two very helpful  people who post regularly on YBW forums as well as your comments. Many thanks to all of you! Recent news includes:

  • Croatia - Joining the EU has shifted the rules. As ever, Croatia is very good at providing references in English language. Mind you, they need to! They're the only country I'm aware of which studies all the paperwork we advise boats to carry.
  • Greece - the Greek Ministry of Maritime and Aegean has introduced a new tax for leisure boats. The way it will be implemented is still evolving, and I expect major changes to occur within my site page.
  • Anchoring restrictions are becoming more common in the Mediterranean. Some protect nature reserves, some keep harbour approaches clear, and some keep boats clear of bathing areas. Unfortunately, it's not easy to keep track of these, and some are very general, especially those forbidding an approach to bathing beaches under engine. Before leaving your boat, it does pay to check with local sources that it's OK to anchor, especially in Italy. And if you're asked to move on (common in Spain) - do so.
  • Useful New Marinas - among others: Roscoff in Brittany; Laredo in N Spain; Portugal, Porto, and Lisbon, past the city; Sicily, Licata; Cyprus, Limmasol. Go to the relevant pages for more info and web site links.

You can catch up with a lot of this stuff if you're at the Excel Boat Show on Saturday or Sunday, when I'm available through the Cruising Association stand, A 165, which is against the wall by an entrance. 

Boat Show & CA Open Evening Sat 11thJanuary

On Saturday evening, 6pm onwards, CA House on Limehouse Dock (just a few stops on the DLR from Excel) is open for visitors to have a look around. Bar and food available on payment! There are short presentations by several members (including me) with a tour of the place, plus lots of time for questions. Do come and visit.

 I'm the guy with white hair and a face a bit like a Shiatsu dog . . . as my daughter unkindly says. I call them laughter lines . . .

That's all for now folks!  JimB



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