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Croatia Regulations for 2014

Croatia passed a set of maritime regulations into law on July 25th which outline changes which will take place from January 2014. Working from a rather crude Google Translate of an original document I've reached the following provisional conclusions. Please add your own comments! (You'll need to log in to do this)

  • Vignette will be replaced by "safety of navigation and protection from pollution fee" (fees subject to separate regulation). This will be paid for a full calendar year, regardless of the actual length of stay. Current vignettes remain valid. On their expiry, a balance of fees payable under current regulations must be made until January 2014
  • Tourist tax will be payable (subject to separate regulation - presumably sejour tax).
  • Foreign nationals staying aboard must be registered (presumably, to gather tourist tax)
  • Arrivals and Departures from the country are all subject to border control.

While Cruising, boat must carry:

  • Proof that boat fees, and tourist taxes, have been paid
  • Proof of boat's seaworthiness (Oops! where did that come from? CE mark?)
  • Proof of captain's competence (there's a neat little waiver here that says if a flag state doesn't require this, then Croatia does!)
  • Evidence of third part insurance
  • Proof of ownership of vessel, or that owners have authorised the its use by the occupants

There are limitations on who the boat may carry;

  • immediate family members ("married and common-law spouse, blood relatives in straight line ending with stage, blood relatives in the lateral line ending with the first degree, and adoptive parents and adoptees").
  • "persons authorised by the ship owner". A number of conditions are then placed as to how these people may be "authorised". I assume this only applies if an owner is not aboard, but a better translation is needed to understand this point (Article 6 seems to define powers of attorney and certification by national national authorities!)

Overall, this seems to imply little change from the current situation, but a proper translation of article 6 is needed to see exactly what's going on with the old "crew list" requirements.




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