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Recent Site Changes 2013!

Many of you haven't visited the site for a while, so I'm bringing you up to date with what's been added, and asking for your help to make the site more useful. I've also listed some Cruising Association seminars open to the public; useful to those travelling further afield next year.. And, while you're at it, please spread the word about our web site among cruising folk. It's easy to find - just Google "jimb sail"

The Year's Changes


We now cover all the Mediterranean, with just two exceptions.  North Africa is empty except for Tunisia (a new addition) and I still haven't written Montenegro, though there's a nice map on the page. Our aim is to mention all the decent wintering spots, whether for living aboard or laying up ashore, then add links to local web sites for detail. And for summer sailing, we pick out the "Must Sees" with blue dots on the maps, and give reasons. Helps you to choose where to cruise.

Atlantic Coasts - From Gibraltar to Cherbourg

Algarve, W Portugal, Galicia, N Spain (with French Basque country included), Biscay France, West Brittany, the France and the Channel Island are all completed. Several new marinas which haven't  yet made it into the Pilot Books are included, together with their web sites - err - where they were available.


Where we're confident about places, we evaluate them with a 1 - 10 rating. It's pretty arbitrary. Top places for amenity and scenic value (give 'em a 10!) are all too often over-crowded in peak seasons (groan, give 'em 2 for access). You'll disagree about some of our views. That's fine - tell us what you think by clicking the "add comment" link at he bottom of the relevant page. You'll need to log in to the site to see other comments, and do this . . .


Here's a list of public events and seminars run by the Cruising Association early 2013. They will be useful to skippers planning to cruise further afield. Incidentally, I can wholeheartedly recommend the CA House "buffets" when they are included - great variety and very good value! Follow the links to learn more and book places:


Where did You cruise last year?

Have a good look at the pages which describe where you cruised in last year. Add comments to the pages to tell us more and correct our mistakes. The number one question people ask during the cruising summer is "where should I winter?", so we specially value detailed descriptions of places you have wintered,  whether living aboard, or leaving the boat ashore.

Your Blog - or web site!

Yes, why not? If your blog, or a page of your website, describes an area, find our web site page which best matches it, and add a comment with a link to your page. Some of the really good stuff we'd then like to add to our text - with your permission first, and attributed to you.



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